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I’m Mike Sheward, a Web Developer from England, UK.
I enjoy tinkering and engineering things for the Web.


Hey! I'm Mike Sheward, I'm a Web Developer from England, UK. I'm passionate about the web - creating awesome websites and applications is what i love doing. I enjoy learning with various different languages, libraries and frameworks. Lately i've been experimenting with new ideas in game development.

The languages i use most frequently are: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 (inc Canvas & WebGL), C#, MySQL, TypeScript, CSS (inc Sass and Less). As for the frameworks that i use most frequently are: Laravel, Angular, PixiJS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

I have created this blog as a place where i can write articles, give advice and ramblings, tutorials and hopefully to help other people learn.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can contact me via email  me@mikesheward.com